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          Why to select the product of keeping blue?
          high-tech skillsbusiness,independent research and development,pneumatic coiled tube

          pay attention to▓all sorts ofwaste gasdisposal of punishment,for major enterprisessupply▿Professional Waste Gas Disposal Punishment Scheme。

          Blue protection environmental protectionself-reliance▱Li Yi▓,have receivedDozens of applicable patents,research and development technology of growth and self-reliance。

          annual output▵1000Yu TaoJu Xiindustrial waste gas disposal penalty equipment,Promise is secure。

          product qualityundulation◬,process advance forerunner,sell well█at home and abroad

          mecorporationExhaust Gas Purifier Consumption、sale sumInstallation▬by way of▤LeISO9001quality certification andGB/T19001-2008quality management system certification。

          productalreadyto open up◉international market,To protect the blue to dointernationalization▩environmental protection enterprise!

          Dataten applicable patentsdiscover▆,walk onLi Yi◍way

          Now Icorporationeverapply for◆Dozens of Victory Patents,Efforts to develop more product patents

          Blue protection, environmental protection, every year research and developmentfundalreadyleapfrog◤three million!

          ensure excellencemoral character▥a cordial affair

          Do-it-yourselfcorporationset up,performance◊The Contemporary Enterprise Management Form of the Example(lead in▄management consulting business,CRMCustomer Management System and User FriendsERPenterprise capital management system)Nenɡ Genɡconvenience◃、More quickly for the world's customerssupply▀distribution and handling of products;

          initiativerespond▇ClientDemands,timingfinish▸customer demand;order◙product to productdistribution■come to the door,for your orderentrust▷Carefully protect each step,accuracy of intersection99%。

          customer witness
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          About Blue Preservation

          Baolan of Shandong Provinceenvironmental protection engineeringA limited company is a companypay attention to▱Yu YanyanManagement▓High New Skills Enterprise,corporationseating▵In Shandong Zibo High New Technique Development Area,Now the company hashave◬general contracting talent of environmental protection project,green engineering design talent,man-made quality of environmental protection engineering,environmental engineering operation and maintenance talent,safe consumption allows talent,sampl-discover█and applicable new patent100remainder,registered capital of a company1billion yuan,have staff100many people,annual output▬Exhaust gas from large and fine industriesdecontamination▤be equipped with◉300Yu Tao,annual output value3billion yuan or more。

          Now Blue Paobusinessuser's business secondarycover▩3large-scale business category:Category I:dewhitening;category two:dust removaldesulphurization▆denitration;category three:VOCSorganic waste gasManagement◍。In this Icorporationelectromagnetic de-whitening is the only onediscover◆patent,Baolan is the first in the sea to develop electromagnetic de-whitening andhave◤enterprises with the most achievements in electromagnetic dewhitening,have▥first market share in the field of electromagnetic de-whitening。Solenoiddewhiteningdecontamination◊craft,carry out▄Le98%above environmental protection standard rate,completelycarry out◃lauryl aerosol、canablation▀salt、small dust、PM10、PM2.5、acid fog、completion of alkali fogdecontamination▇,make▸purifying materialapproach◙Yu Linɡdischarge■。Bao Lanmake an effort tofor more userssupply▷better、A more reasonable and perfect skill to do things.,carry out◎"let the worldno╬decontamination"business ofvision◧,forwin▰The blue sky guarded the battle with all one's might、fight▋more than﹌……

          shop presentation
             environmental protection of Shandong Baolanpay attention to▅Yuflue gasManagement◣equipment research and development、Designed by、make、Installation◒debugging◅,annual output▓flue gasManagement▿Installation1000Yu Tao,annual output value2billion yuan or more。
          category of use
          productbe widely used inspray painting▱chamber、bitumen、dregs、Plastic、motor vehicle、printing、pharmacy、category of petroleum and chemical industry,At the same time, the company in line with the goal of good faith planning,serial product passing throughGB/T19001-2008sampl-ISO9001quality system certification。
          centretechnique:electromagnetic dewhitening flue gasdecontamination▓process system
          Bao Lanpatentcraft,rootarrive at▵kingdomdelimit◬Dedischarge█yardstick
          common achievement
          industry◃Debate on how to match the height of exhaust dust stack?
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          High temperature▷Plasma deodorizer equipment for which fields are practical
            High temperatureplasmadeodorization◎Equipment is a kind ofbe used for╬deodorization◧equipment of,in other words,Only if there is a stink in the centerbe able to▰with it,...
          activated carbon▋Adsorption box how to manage the exhaust gas of rubber plant
            Rubber FactoryWhat's the punishment for the waste gas?Rubber finished products will be in the course of consumptionoccurence﹌. ..large quantities of hydrogen sulfide waste gas.,Hydrogen sulfide is a violent nerve...

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